Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stabilis 3 is ready!

Stabilis is a database of drugs for injection.

The following information is given for each drug:

- trade names in different countries
- stability in simple solution
- stability in admixtures
- factors which affect its stability
- incompatibilities
- routes of administration
- relevant references.

It has been compiled in an international language based οn pictograms (definitions in 24 languages are provided for all the pictograms in a special dictionary).

The database consists of:

- a series of Monographs
- summary information οn drugs for injection
- equivalent trade names and compounds
- classification by route of administration
- classification by pharmacological category
- stability in various container materials (EVA, elastomer, etc.)
- stability after freezing
- factors which can affect drug stability (container material, temperature, light, etc.)
- a dictionary translating the pictograms and abbreviations
- references

Chief editor of the project is our colleague Dr Jean Vigneron, Hospital Pharmacist, Nancy Teaching Hospital, France ( .

Hospital Pharmacists who are interest can obtain it by sending their address to