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Guidelines for Good Pharmaceutical Practice from FIP and WHO

The International Pharmaceutical Federation first adopted the guidelines for Good Pharmaceutical Practice in 1993. These guidelines were developed as a reference to be used by national pharmaceutical organisations, governments, and international pharmaceutical to set up nationally accepted standards of Good Pharmacy Practice.
The revised version of this document was endorsed by WHO in 1997 and subsequently approved by the FIP Council in 1997. The GPP Guidelines are based on the pharmaceutical care given by pharmacists. The guidelines recommend for national standards to be set:
  • The promotion of health;
  • The supply of medicines, medical devices, patient self-care;
  • Improving prescribing and medicine use by pharmacists’ activities.
These guidelines have been subsequently adapted and adopted in a wide number of developed countries. In certain cases, the national professional body has strived to adapt the guidelines and developed, in collaboration with the government, specific regulation/legislation on this matter.
Conscious of the need to help developing countries achieve GPP, the FIP Community Pharmacy Section Executive Committee established a working group to produce guidelines in this area in 1992. The paper, entitled “GPP in Developing Countries – Guidelines for Implementation”, was endorsed by the FIP CPS Executive Committee in September 1998.
Having realized the importance of continuing to increase awareness of GPP and stimulating its implementation, the FIP Bureau decided to request the BPP to focus on the theme and to develop a specific activity.
Two countries had been identified as pilot sites for GPP technical assistance to the implementation of these guidelines.

GPP update 2009-2010

The year 2009 was a transition year from the current procedure to the new procedure with regards to preparing FIP Statements of Policy, including the update of the Statement on Good Pharmacy Practice. The FIP Bureau has developed a new process in order to involve FIP's Member Organisations more intensely at an earlier stage of the drafting process by introducing an extra step of producing a reference paper.
As such, on 8 September 2009 at the FIP Congress in Istanbul the Council adopted a new Reference Paper on Good Pharmacy Practice. This paper is being used as the basis for renewal of the Good Pharmacy Practice Statement, a draft of which will be proposed to the Council at the FIP Congress Lisbon 2010.
The Working Group on the Reference Paper on Good Pharmacy Practice consisted of the following members:

Prof. Henri R. Manasse, Jr. Co-chair
Dr Dick F.J. Tromp, Co-chair
Dr Lowell Anderson
Mr Colin R. Hitchings
Ms Eeva Teräsalmi
Mr Raj Vaidya
Ms Jacqueline Surugue
Dr Frans van de Vaart
Ms Marthe Everard
Mr Ton Hoek - ex officio
Prof. Phil J. Schneider - ex officio

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Developing Pharmacy Practice

In addition to the FIP involvement in Good Pharmacy Practice through these Guidelines, FIP together with WHO has published a joint handbook entitled "Developing pharmacy practice - A focus on patient care".

This handbook sets out a the new paradigm for pharmacy practice. Its aim is to
guide pharmacy educators in pharmacy practice, to educate pharmacy students and to guide pharmacists in practice to update their skills. The handbook, which brings together practical tools and knowledge, has been written in response to a need to define, develop and generate global understanding of pharmaceutical care at all levels.

Click here to download the English version: "Developing pharmacy practice - A focus on patient care"
Click here to download the French version: "Élargir la pratique pharmaceutique - Recentrer les soins sur les patients"
Click here to download the Spanish version: "Desarrollo de la práctica de farmacia - Centrada en la atención del paciente"
Click here to download the Russian version: "Развитие фармацевтической практики: фокус на пациента"
Click here to download the Chinese version: "开展药学实践 以患者为中心"