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Links to the local Associations in Europe

Here are the links (left side of the page, under the Archives) for the Local Associations of Hospital Pharmacists in the European countries (the Council of Europe's Member States).
I'll try to update these links and fill the missing ones.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A visit to the Hospital “Georges Pompidou” in Paris

Before the beginning of the General Assembly of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists that was took place in Paris, 09-12 June 2005, a visit to the Hospital "Georges Pompidou” was organized (Thursday of 09 June).
The hospital has 780 beds and roughly 3000 individuals personnel from which 600 doctors. The pharmaceutical department has 102 (a hundred and two) personnel from which 24 are pharmacists. It functions all the 24 hours a day and distributes medicines with electronic prescription methodology.

It has a department of pharmaceutical information, reconstitution of cytostatics medicines and other of parenteral solutions, laboratory of cytostatics control and department of medical devices.
The hospital is a “paperless hospital” and everybody uses a “clever” program of computerisation.

In France the study for pharmacy last 6 years, then the pharmacist, who wants to be a hospital pharmacist, remain as internal in a hospital for 4 years and then after examinations he/she take the speciality of hospital pharmacist. Their salary is the same with the doctors.

The prescriptions are checked with a computer program by the pharmacists for interactions etc. They do not use barcodes and the industry supplies the pharmacy with medicines of common packing and they prepare the individual doses.

The pharmacists are persons in charge for the medicines, the reconstitution of cytostatics medicines, the medical appliances, the department of sterilisation, the manufacturing of medicines, the control of quality and for the medical gases.

The program of computerisation that they use all around the hospital is the "Thallis” of the company MEDAsys.

We are only two!

Chania is a city with a population of 55000 residents in the island of Crete, in the South of Greece.
Our hospital is the only general hospital in a county with a population of 150,000. It's a brand new hospital started its operation the year 2000. It has 460 beds and it replaced an old one that had 330 beds. The hospital has 750 employees. The Pharmacy department has two pharmacists, six technicians, two workers and two administrative employees.

In our hospital we serve also, except the inpatients, the indigent patients insured by the Social Care. Social Care indigent patients receive medical care only from the physicians of our hospital. They also receive pharmaceutical care and obtain their prescribed drugs, free of charge only from the Pharmacy Department of the Chania General Hospital.

We serve also three Health Centers of the county, the prisoners of the local Prison and all the patients of the county receiving the nosocomial drugs as cytostatics.
From our department we dispense also laboratory diagnostics reagents and medical devices.
Our day began usually at 07:00 pm and usually we stop working at 14:30. We remain on duty, from 14:30 until next morning, each hospital pharmacist for 10 days each month.

By the way, the salary for a hospital pharmacist with 22 years of working is 1850€ -600€ taxes= 1250€ per month. The salary for 10 days on duty per month is about 1450€ - 330€ taxes=1120€, so the total net amount of the salary for a pharmacist working for 22 years is 2370€ per month.

EAHP - European Association of Hospital Pharmacists- General Assembly

The Annual General Assembly of the EAHP -European Association of Hospital Pharmacists took place in Paris during 09-12 June 2005. In the Assembly participated delegations from almost all the countries of European Union and from other countries that participate in the Council of Europe. The website of EAHP is (

Some of the subjects that were discussed and we can publish, were the following among the others:

• The proposal to the European Union for the acting of the profession in each member state of, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, veterinarians and architects became acceptable from Parliament with general formulation (European Parliament, 11 May 2005, /adopted amendment 36/2a.
• From 23 countries 21 already they have enacted the Speciality and in the law it is left the possibility of application of speciality in any profession included the hospital pharmacy.

• The member states have deadline of 2 two years in order to advance in the enactment of speciality.
• It exists in development discussion of proposal in the European Parliament on the paediatric medicines.
• The journal EJHP -European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy- circulates henceforth in two publications, with Professionally and with Scientific subjects and is dispatched in all the colleagues.
• It has become an upgrade of the web page of EAHP with interesting content (
• All the articles of the journal EJHP -European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy- are accessible in the Internet in the page of EAHP.

• The next congress of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists will take place 22-24 March, 2006 in Geneva, Switzerland, with the main subject "Quality and Medication Safety hand in hand”.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Post to EHPB your comments!

If you are a hospital pharmacist in a European country and you want to share your thoughts with colleagues from around Europe, you can send your email to and we will add you to the authors of European Hospital Pharmacy Blog!
We wish you a sunny summer!

Monday, July 25, 2005

EORTC Education Office courses for 2005

The EORTC Education Office ( is glad to announce the following courses organised in 2005:

* One-Day Introduction to EORTC Trials, Brussels, Belgium, 7 October
Please find hereunder the Website address where you will find the registration form and some relevant information about this course:

* Cancer Clinical Trials: Methods and Practice, Brussels, Belgium, 5 to 9 September
Please find hereunder the Website address where you will find the registration form and some relevant information about this course:

* Organisation and Implementation of Cancer Clinical Trials, Leuven, Belgium, 21 to 25 November
The Website for this course is:

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The 1st post!

This is the 1st post. Good luck!


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