Monday, February 03, 2014

What are we measuring in European Hospital Pharmacy?

As part of its Summit project to define the future of hospital pharmacy in Europe, EAHP has today launched a survey of senior pharmacists within hospitals to better understand what aspects of service are currently measured.

While EAHP is holding a Summit on the future of hospital pharmacy in May 2014, organisers are enthusiastic that the statements of practice agreed at the event are accompanied with an implementation framework. The Board of the EAHP therefore invited Dr David Cousins (Senior Head of Patient Safety within NHS England) to conduct a study of the current status of measurement within hospital pharmacy, and to make recommendations for the future.

The 15 minute survey opens today and will close at midnight on Friday 28th February 2014

Launching the survey, Dr Cousins said:
“How can we know if we are making improvement, unless we can quantify it with a scale of measurement? In today's modern world, providing tangible evidence is a question all professionals face, and hospital pharmacy is no exception. That's why this survey on metrics is important in terms of thinking about how hospital pharmacy reports what it is doing in the years to come. I hope EAHP members will take the opportunity to both tell us what they are doing in respect of measurement, but also express their opinions about where we go next. In that sense, the survey is more than a research exercise – its a chance to help shape the future.”

EAHP President Dr Roberto Frontini said:
“I am delighted Dr Cousins is undertaking this important research on behalf of the practice of hospital pharmacy within Europe. It builds on his work exploring potential indicators for the quality of pharmaceutical care.

I urge all colleagues in hospital pharmacy in Europe to assist by taking fifteen minutes to share what they are measuring in their hospital. We look forward to professional engagement in the study and sharing the results with the profession later this year.”