Tuesday, March 23, 2010

French and European workshop during 10th Connectathon, Bordeaux 13-14 April 2010

For a quality care pathway to be delivered to patients, co-operation between healthcare professionals needs to be underpinned by the ability to access medical data held within shared records. IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) provides integration solutions which make the exchange and sharing of healthcare data possible, Today more than 200 Healthcare vendors are using IHE integration profiles, and test their products in Connectathons.

IHE has achieved a broad consensus on issues ranging from requirements analysis to technical specification, thanks to the collaboration it fosters between users and software companies, across a broad spectrum including hospitals, national and regional healthcare organisations tasked with implementing shared record systems and a range of software solution providers – SME’s as well as large companies.

The objective of the workshops we will be running is to showcase IHE’s contribution to integration, and will draw on the practical implementation experience of hospitals, regions or across national deployments.

Workshop : Wednesday April 14, 2010 The challenges of Interoperability Deploying IHE solutions

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