Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Common European Drug Database (CEDD) project

The Common European Drug Database (CEDD) project is an initiative of the National Health Insurance Fund Administration of Hungary to make prices of pharmaceuticals easily available for the public of Europe.

The present website is a pilot version with the contribution of the:

  • Irish Health Service Executive,
  • Finnish Ministry of Social Affaires and Health,
  • Slovenian Health Insurance Institute,
  • Slovakian Ministry of Health,
  • Department of Pharmacy under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania,
  • Polish Ministry of Health,
  • Norwegian Medicines Agency,
  • Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions and
  • State Institute of Drug Control of the Czech Republic

The developers hope that this initiative will be shortly extended to all Member States of the European Union. Comprehensive and updated price information could result in a more competitive, common European pharmaceutical market, which would mean a great health benefit for European citizens and stimulation to European innovation.

In the present version of the website you can search and compare the prices of Austrian, Czech, Finnish, Hungarian, Irish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovenian and Slovakian pharmaceuticals according to product names or ATC codes.