Friday, February 01, 2008

European Journal of Oncology Pharmacy, Volume 2, 2008/Issue 1

The Official Journal of the European Society of Oncology Pharmacy ( is ready for downloading in .pdf format

(European Journal of Oncology Pharmacy, Volume 2, 2008/Issue 1).


  • Because there is a need
  • New approaches, new treatments
  • Pictures of life beyond cancer
  • Dasatinib in the treatment of chronic myeloid leukaemia
  • Spillages and occupational exposure to cytotoxic drugs in an oncology centre
  • Glucarpidase: a method of rescue from high dose methotrexate
  • Psychological support of quality of life in cancer patients
  • Combined radiochemotherapy – the state of the art
  • Supportive care: nutrition problems, alopecia and mucositis
  • Dispensing of oral chemotherapy in the community: a viability assessment in the UK
  • Current thinking in antifungal prophylaxis
  • A good standard of contributions at the SFPO
  • Highlights of the NZW-Süd oncology meeting in Ravensburg, Germany
  • 8th Annual meeting of Polish oncology pharmacists
  • Greek pharmacists visit the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre