Sunday, August 19, 2007

Summit on Biotechnology by the European Academy for Hospital Pharmacy (EurAHP)

EurAHP (European Academy for Hospital Pharmacy), that was founded by the EAHP (European Association of Hospital Pharmacists), educates the Hospital Pharmacists in those subjects that are insufficient in the basic programs of study of Pharmacy.

The first program, “Train The Trainers, TTT”, will begin with the Seminar of Biotechnology, in Malta from 3 until 5 October 2007. The training that will be given in participating will be propagated in entire Europe to the Hospital Pharmacists. This educational Seminar of Biotechnology is the first in a line of programmed educational activities in order to face a wide spectrum of subjects in the area of Hospital Pharmacy.

AMGEN ( is the sponsor of EurAHP at the present moment and other sponsors is expected at an early date.

The EurAHP is managed by a Steering Committee (SC)
The Steering Committee is responsible for adequate execution and performance of the project, for the nomination of EurAHP Faculty members and the evaluation of the outcome.

The EurAHP Governance Board (GB)
The EurAHP Governance Board ensures that the Steering Committee’s decisions are taken in full independence.

The EurAHP Advisory Board (AB)
The role of the EurAHP Advisory Board is to propose educational topics, potential faculty and all other organisational aspects (such as ways to execute the teaching programmes on a national / local level) to the EurAHP Steering Committee.

Participants of the TTT (“Train the Trainer”) programme have been nominated by their national associations and are willing and able to disseminate the knowledge at a national level with the support of their national association. Participants will be trained as teachers and are expected to hold 1 to 5 seminars at national level depending on the size and needs of their own country.

The first program, Train the Trainer Workshops, will start with the Summit on Biotechnology, a "train the trainer" session, Malta on 3 to 5 October 2007.