Saturday, October 22, 2005

Suspected Cases of the avian flu in European countries

As it was made known by the British Ministry of Agriculture, a quarantined parrot, which died in the United Kingdom, suffered from the avian flu. The parrot had been imported by South America, and up to now, the Ministry’s announcement has not explained which flu virus caused the parrot’s death. It simply stated that only the H5 strain was recognised.
"This confirmed avian flu case does not cause concern in the UK, as the parrot was under quarantine and imported,"
stated a veterinary adviser of the Ministry.

Furthermore, six wild swans died by the virus as well, as announced by the Croatian Ministry of Health.
"Six swans were found dead in a lake in eastern Croatia. We have sent samples to the United Kingdom for further testing,"
stated a spokesperson for the government. A government announcement issued by Prime Minister Ivo Sanader stated:
"We are taking the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus. We do not think that there is any danger for humans."

Cases of the avian flu have been reported in Romania and Turkey.

One case from Greece and another in FYROM are still being investigated, in order to conclude which virus is responsible for the birds’ death.

In Romania and Turkey the virus strain of H5N1, which can cause a human pandemic, has been reconfirmed in wild birds and poultry.