Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Clinical Pharmacy Europe. Coming soon...in October 2005

A new journal is going to be published from the Campden Publishing (http://www.campden.com/).

The editor comments that:
Clinical Pharmacy Europe will be the first journal to address the ever expanding responsibility of today’s European Clinical Pharmacist.
Clinical Pharmacy Europe will promote and expertly comment on the safe and effective use of medicines in all clinical settings.
Clinical Pharmacy Europe editorial content will cover:
• Clinical reviews – key clinical topics, innovations in clinical pharmacy services, and critical medicines safety issues. All articles include value-added ‘extras’ such as useful contacts, related websites and links, and recommended literature and other resources.
• Cost benefit analysis – In-depth examinations of drugs efficacy against relative costs
• Short papers and reports – a platform for clinical pharmacists to communicate at an international level and to share ideas and experiences through well-structured reports.
• ‘Europe wide’ – A cutting edge dissection of clinical pharmacy practice across European countries
• Key news stories – Extensive coverage of the issues of the day, including a round-up of the latest research and in-depth news features on hot topics with comment from key opinion leaders.
• Book reviews - comment from experts on new publications.
• Plus … opinion-leading editorial comment, regular and guest columnists, reviews of new resources, and details of international courses and events