Thursday, February 20, 2014

The 2nd European Health Literacy Conference

The 2nd European Health Literacy Conference takes place in Aarhus, Denmark 10 – 11 April, 2014. The conference is organised by Aarhus University, the European Health Literacy Consortium (HLS-EU) and Health Literacy Europe.

The 2nd European Health Literacy Conference aims to promote health literate populations and societies by
  • sharing evidence-based research on health literacy measurement, interventions and policies
  • providing a platform for knowledge-exchange for professionals working in the field of health literacy in Europe stimulating wider collaboration
  • providing a cross-sectorial, interdisciplinary approach to health literacy by creating opportunities for capacity building and professionalization in policy, research and practice.

The conference theme is Health literacy in populations and settings - developing the research base focusing on current European health literacy research and how it can be translated into policy and practice. The programme includes scientific presentations based on submitted abstracts to ensure insights in the newest developments concerning European health literacy.

Registration is open!