Tuesday, December 03, 2013

eHealth Forum 2014 : Athens, May 12-14

The Greek Presidency of the EU Council drives the eHealth Agenda forward focusing on the implementation of innovative services for better patient care and wellness. It’s about reforming healthcare services delivery and maximizing health and economic benefits for society.


eHealth Forum 2014 brings together the High-Level Conference on eHealth and Technologies for Active and Healthy Ageing, associated events and Exhibition, the eHealth Network Meeting of senior policy makers and state secretaries, the 4th EU-US eHealth Marketplace and more, aspiring to become a true forum for the exchange of experience, mutual support and good practices.

Towards efficient healthcare, social wellbeing and growth opportunities


eHealth Forum 2014 aims to inspire for eHealth solutions leading to functional reforms of healthcare systems, enabling access to better care and quality of life. At the same time eHealth Forum 2014 will emphasize on the importance of deploying innovative eHealth services for growth opportunities and job creation. 

European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing and Reference Sites


eHealth is the backbone for the provision of patient-centric, high quality services to all, especially the elderly and those with chronic diseases. The pillar of eHealth Forum 2014 is the progress achieved in addressing the challenge of ageing through joining forces to advance innovation. The Action Groups and Reference Sites of EIP on AHA will share the progress of their deliverables and discuss next steps towards concrete solutions for a healthier ageing population, one of the most prominent challenges of the social care systems.

4th EU-US Marketplace & Cooperation Assembly


The goal of the Marketplace is to create new business relationships, research, innovation and collaborations leading to innovative health improvements and economic development, in the framework of the EU-US MoU on Cooperation Surrounding Health Related Information and Communication Technologies.

Innovative Healthcare throughout the Ecosystem: Progress through Action


eHealth Forum 2014 offers the opportunity to bring together the international actors and stakeholders by investing in multi-sector partnerships and eHealth ecosystems.

Challenges: eHealth as an enabler for change and sustainability of healthcare systems


The effective use of innovative technologies in the health sector is a big challenge and at the same time an opportunity towards an efficient and sustainable healthcare system. The eHealth Forum 2014 aims at demonstrating that investing in Health IT is the most cost-effective solution for managing healthcare systems.

We look forward to welcoming you in Athens so please note the dates: May 12-14.

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