Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Digital Agenda Assembly 2013 – Reports and videos

The Digital Agenda Assembly 2013 was co-organised with the Irish Presidency of the EU Council and took place on 19th & 20th June in Dublin Castle.

It was an opportunity to go through the themes of the Digital Agenda for Europe review, assess the progress and challenges in implementation and seek ways to improve delivery. We aimed at having an innovative, creative and interactive Assembly to showcase examples from across the EU and collect visions and experiences of policy makers, industry, research organisations, NGOs, SMEs, regulators, Member States representatives.

The main programme concept was the digital lifecycle with an emphasis on digital skills, entrepreneurship and growth. The workshops focused on ICT skills and jobs, public services for the citizens, research & innovation and technology enablers, trust & security, entrepreneurship and the digital single market.

The event hosted seven thematic workshops (on 19th June) and a plenary session (on 20th June).
The entire event was filmed, web-streamed, recorded and will be posted on the internet. Photographs were also taken and will be published soon.
There are still lots of ways to follow-up the Digital Agenda Assembly 2013:


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