Monday, June 07, 2010

Pictogram Project by MEPS

This project has been undertaken by MEPS to give health professionals a means of communicating medication instructions to people that they have no language in common with and / or who may be illiterate. MEPS members provide emergency relief and humanitarian aid relief where such a means of communication may well be required.

To download the latest version of the Pictogram (under a zip file), please click one of the following links:

Download Pictograms program NA [8Mb] (last update: June 2009)
(This is the North American version, which prints on Letter size paper)

Download Pictograms program EU [8Mb] (last update: June 2009)
(This is the European version, which prints on A4 size paper)

If you don't have Microsoft Access on your computer, you will also have to download Access Runtime (free download) on Microsoft website: click here

Click here to download the instructions of use