Wednesday, August 06, 2008

PPRI report on pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement policies

PPRI, the acronym for Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Information, is a networking and information-sharing initiative on burning issues of pharmaceutical policies from a public health perspective. It involves a network of more than 50 institutions (mainly competent authorities and third party payers) from the whole European Union, plus Albania, Canada, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.

In June 2008, the PPRI Report was published. On 140 pages, it provides an in-depth overview on pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement and an analysis of strategies for rational use and cost-containment in the EU Member States of the enlarged European Union. This report is accompanied by detailed 21 country reports (so-called PPRI Pharma Profiles) on the pharmaceutical systems.

Have a look at the table of content!

Download here the PPRI Report (without Annexes).

Please note that the PPRI Report contains two Annexes: Annex I covering the PPRI Pharma Profiles, and Annex II provides PPRI Tools and Reports.

The PPRI Pharma Profiles of Annex I can be downloaded under the next section country information