Sunday, March 02, 2008

Highlights from the 13th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists in Maastricht, Netherlands

The 13th Paneuropean Congress of European Association of Hospital Pharmacists, organised in Maastricht 27-29 February 2008, was completed with a great success.

The program had a lot of seminars, conferences and posters presentations. Here you can find some photographic snapshots from the congress (you can click onto photos to see in big size) and the titles of seminars and conferences.

Keynote Presentations
  1. 'The role and added value of the hospital pharmacist in health care: beyond Napoleon’s buttons’, Professor Hubert G. Leufkens, Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS) and the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB), The Netherlands
  2. The importance of the hospital Pharmacist as a member of the clinical pharmaceutic team’ Professor Lars Heslet, National University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. The Role and added value of the hospital pharmacist in improving the safety of medicines in health care’ Mr Donald Hughes, Conway & Denbighshire NHS Trust, Rhyl, United Kingdom

1: Handling gene therapy drugs in Europe
Speaker A: Dr Nicola Stoner, Cancer Research UK, Oxford, UK
Speaker B: Dr Andras Vermes, Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam,The Netherlands
2: Hospital pharmacies make medicines available
Speaker A: Mr Reinout Schellekens, University Medical Centre Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands
Speaker B: Professor Jan Raaijmakers, GlaxoSmithKline / Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands
3: Pharmacovigilance: added value of hospital pharmacists
Speaker A: Dr Kees van Grootheest, Dutch Pharmacovigilance Centre LAREB, ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
Speaker B: Professor Gordon Schiff, Cook County Hospital, Chilcago, IL, USA
4: Measuring the added value of hospital pharmacy processes
Speaker A: Dr Antonio Melo Gouveia, National Oncology Institute, Lisbon, Portugal
Speaker B: Dr Marianne Ivey, The Health Alliance, Cincinnati OH, USA
Speaker C: Pieter Knoester, Rijnland Ziekenhuis, Leiderdorp, The Netherlands

5: The value of the hospital pharmacist in the preparation and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals
Speaker A: Professor Per Hartvig, Copenhagen University, Copenhagen, Denmark
Speaker B: Dr Alistair Millar, The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
6: The role of the hospital pharmacist in psychiatry
Speaker A: Dawn Price, Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Trust, Cherry Knowle Hospital Ryhope, Sunderland, UK
Speaker B: Elisabeth Eide, Haukeland Hospital Pharmacy, Bergen, Norway
Speaker C: Hans Mulder, Wilhelmina Hospital, Assen, The Netherlands
Speaker D: Francisco Martínez-Granados, Alicante General Hospital, Alicante, Spain

7: The value of the hospital pharmacist in pediatric care
Speaker A: Mrs Rowena McArtney, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom
Speaker B: Mrs Nathalie Seigneuret, Paediatric Medicines and Orphan Drugs Sector, Pre-authorisation Evaluation of Medicines for Human Use Unit, London, United Kingdom
8: Patient safety in Europe
Speaker A: Dr Susan Proulx, Med-E.R.R.S., Huntington Valley PA, USA
Speaker B: Mr Brian Bjørn, Hvidovre Hospital, Capital Region, Copenhagen, Denmark
9: The value of the hospital pharmacist in the prescribing process
Speaker A: René Groulsch, Catharina Hospital, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Speaker B: Nicola Wake, Nicola Wake, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom

10: IT systems for the use of the hospital pharmacy: a showcase
Speaker A: Dr Frits Elferink, Royal Dutch Association for the advancement of Pharmacy, The Hague, The Netherlands
Speaker B: Jenneke Wijbenga, Royal Dutch Association for the Advancement of Pharmacy, The Hague, The Netherlands
Speaker C: Dr Mirjam Rommers, Leiden University Hospital, Leiden, The Netherlands
Speaker D: Mr Jan Bruin, National IT Institute for Healthcare in the Netherlands (NICTIZ, The Hague, The Netherlands
11: National delegates seminar: e-Health solutions in hospital pharmacy
Speaker A: Mrs Inger Bjeldbak-Olesen, Hospital Pharmcy Roskilde, Denmark
Speaker B: Professor Ann Jacklin, Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust, UK
12: Collaboration and standards for small hospital pharmacies
Speaker A: Dr Marie Rancakova, Czech Republic
Speaker B: Mrs Gitte Søndergaard Nielsen, Næstved Hospital Pharmacy, Næstved

Satellite Symposia

1: Breaking new grounds in i.v, iron Therapy, VIFOR INTERNATIONAL
2: Drug-Eluting Beads: A new therapy for Hepatic Tumours. Clinical and Pharmaceutical assessment, BIOCOMPATIBLES/TERUMO
3: Quality and safety in pharmaceutical preparation of cytotoxic drugs, BERNER
4: Biogenerics: from promise to reality in Europe, TEVA
5: SafeChemo: ePrescription and Automation for a Safe Management of Cytostatics, B.BRAUN
6: Navigating Risk Management, IDIS
7: GMP Compliant Qualified Software in the Hospital Pharmacy – Supplier Supported Software Validation in Practice, CATO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS
8: The biopharmaceuticals revolution: latest advances and challenges for hospital pharmacists, AMGEN
9: Round table: Biosimilars in clinical practice – The challenges for Hospital Pharmacists, AMGEN