Thursday, March 15, 2007

Congress for the Mediterranean Diet

In a world of fast food, junk food, processed food and other similar "temptations", traditional diets may be the only viable alternative even though many specialists believe that Traditional Mediterranean Diet is an endangered species.

The aim of this third conference in the Mediet series, 25-26 April, Athens Greece, is to examine the evolution, benefits and state of research on this diet, as well as the potential and problems associated with it's survival.

The main focus of this year's conference will be wine and it's role in the Mediterranean Diet.

  • Evolution of the Mediterranean Diet
  • Mediterranean Diet and current research
  • The Mediterranean Diet and the prevention of the chronic degenerative diseases
  • Mediterranean Diet and longevity
  • Experience from other diets
  • Olive oil and health
  • Traditional food products in Mediterranean Diet
  • Mediterranean Diet in school education
  • The promotion of the Mediterranean Diet among population
  • Mediterranean Diet in contemporary life
  • Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle
  • Mediterranean Diet as a destination marketing tool for the countries of the Mediterranean basin
  • Special topic: The wine in the Mediterranean Diet

Who should attend

Researchers interested in macro and micronutrients
Food historians
Professionals interested in the promotion of sound health
Professional culinary education specialists
Food and beverage specialists
Producers of traditional products
Tourism industry representatives
Journalists specializing on food, wine, nutrition and tourism


The official language of the conference will be English.

Organizers - Secretariat

Heliotopos Conferences
Address: 28, Ypsilantou str.,
GR-17236, Dafni-Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 210 9730697
Fax: +30 210 9767208


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