Monday, October 31, 2005

First seminar of the EAHP Foundation

The invitation to the Foundation Seminar only concerns the hospital pharmacists of the new EU countries.

This seminar is about compounding of cytotoxic drugs, preparation under aseptic conditions, safe handling and aspects of patiant safety e.g. extravasation.

The seminar is organized in cooperation with the Hungarian Society of Hospital Pharmacists and will be held in Budapest from February 23rd to 24th. The EAHP Foundation will cover the expensis of hotel and accomodation for two nights and the costs of the seminar. Travel expenses have to be covered by the participant or the local organisation.

The official language of the seminar is English.

Preliminary Programm

February 23rd 2005, 2pm -6pm

Welcome :Jaqueline Surugue, President of EAHP
  • Effects and side effects of cytotoxic drugs
  • Safe handling of cytotoxic drugs (preparation, application, waste disposal, spilling)
  • Personal protective equipment (workbenches, protective clothing)

February 24th 2005, 9am- 1pm
  • Equipment for production (e.g. adapters, closed systems,…)
  • Validation of aseptic technique
  • Stability of cytotoxic drugs

February 24th 2005, 2apm- 6pm
  • Biomonitoring
  • Monitoring of the environment – where’s the contamination?
  • Extravasation

For more information please contact your country delegates to EAHP