Sunday, September 04, 2005

Medicines free of charge to low pension earners in Greece

The article has been published in the website of the Greek Radiotelevision ( According to this article:
The Health Ministry is examining the possibility of granting medicines free of charge to low pension earners and people suffering from chronic ailments. Minister Nikitas Kaklamanis submitted to the Central Council of Health letters sent by people who cannot afford to pay for their medicines, so they can be examined. Therefore, according to a regulation that is being reviewed by the Council, people with chronic ailments and low pension earners may not have to contribute any money towards paying for their medicines.

Thousands of letters have been sent to the Health Minister's office by low pension earners who cannot afford to pay for their medicines.

Nikitas Kaklamanis then passed the letters on to the Central Council of Health, asking for them to implement a regulation exempting them from any costs.
As per the new regulation, EKAS pensioners will receive all their medicines free of charge, as opposed to having to pay 10% towards the recommended price.
In addition, the Council decided to grant medicines with zero contribution to workers and pensioners suffering from chronic ailments.

According to sources, drugs for diabetes, heart diseases, Alzheimer's, leukemia and other rare ailments will be free of charge.

In many cases, patients suffering from the abovementioned diseases had to contribute up to 1,000 euros monthly for their medicines.